Agile Development and Testing

This is the development Web site for our agile development and testing project.

This site was started in Dec 2005 by Grig Gheorghiu and Titus Brown for the PyCon '06 tutorial we gave in Addison, Texas. We are building an open source mail indexing and search tool called "MailOnnaStick", while (trying to) use agile development techniques and -- especially -- agile testing techniques. Our ultimate goal is to provide both a friendly, usable application and a set of resources (Web pages, presentations, screencasts, and source code) to help guide people in their choice of testing methodologies, techniques, and tools.

We primarily use Python, but many of the testing tools we are using are written in other languages and/or are language agnostic.

The MailOnnaStick Project

MailOnnaStick is a personal Web server that indexes and searches your personal e-mail, and also allows you to place comments on it (which can then also be searched).

You can use subversion to check out our source code at From the command line, something like this should work:

svn co mail-onna-stick


Our PyCon06 Tutorial

Tutorial handouts and presentation

(We folded most of the HandoutIdeas and HandoutNotes into the actual handouts.)

The BuildBotTechnologyNarrative contains a discussion of tips, tricks, and hacks used for our buildbot test automation. Titus has also written up some of the highlights of our BuildbotConfiguration.

Our PyCon07 Tutorial

Tutorial handouts and presentation