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Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Created
#91 test back_end None defect grig 02/23/06
#51 enable single-button cleansing & reindexing of all mboxes index None enhancement titus 01/03/06

Second release Release

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Created
#66 code review methodology None defect grig 01/06/06
#76 next/prev message in thread web_interface None defect titus 01/16/06
#16 investigate distribution options. web_interface None enhancement titus * 12/12/05
#71 Improve cheesecake index continuous_integration None enhancement grig, titus 01/12/06
#26 Run performance tests against MOS Web app performance_testing None task grig * 12/14/05
#31 mailbox removal should work web_interface None task titus 12/15/05
#32 improve indexing and search performance index None task titus 12/15/05
#37 make snapshot of Trac site. methodology None task titus 12/15/05
#58 mh/maildir folder parsing. index None task titus 01/05/06
#74 add a version # to the database index None task titus 01/12/06
#79 add uploading of mailboxes web_interface None task titus 01/16/06
#29 make https work web_interface None defect titus 12/15/05
#33 add coverage testing to Web server unit_testing None defect titus 12/15/05
#77 fix message flattening. index None defect titus 01/16/06
#78 date oddness web_interface None defect titus 01/16/06
#90 debug_on() is fragile unit_testing None defect titus 02/20/06
#57 Add commenting capability to mailbox page commenting None enhancement titus 01/05/06
#60 XML-RPC interface web_interface None enhancement titus 01/05/06
#81 search should only return the top N results search None enhancement titus 01/17/06
#88 Write Pester tests unit_testing None enhancement grig, titus 02/08/06
#92 Include trace2html in tool arsenal unit_testing None enhancement titus 03/16/06
#42 does date-ordering correctly take into account time zone? web_interface None task titus 12/27/05
#61 provide resending & mail extraction abilities for search results web_interface None task titus 01/05/06
#62 query history web_interface None task titus 01/05/06
#73 show thread summary information on mbox/thread display page web_interface None task titus 01/12/06
#80 investigate socket timeoutes for imap/pop collection index None task titus 01/17/06
#82 make log file location configurable. logging None task titus 01/22/06

Third release Release

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Created
#75 xmlobj problems when handling Unicode web_interface None defect grig 01/16/06
#89 Investigate PyInstaller for MOS installation installation None defect grig, titus 02/13/06
#67 i18n (unicode) compliance methodology None enhancement grig 01/06/06
#38 make snapshot of Trac site. methodology None task titus 12/15/05
#72 add SvnReporter methodology None task titus 01/12/06
#85 Trac dashboard methodology None defect grig, titus 01/31/06
#93 add email-summary for trac methodology None defect titus 03/17/06
#56 Update commentary files to get new look-and-feel commenting None enhancement titus * 01/04/06
#84 Use HTMLTestRunner for pretty unit test result output unit_testing None enhancement titus 01/31/06
#87 MailOnnaStick script from egg install should accept arguments methodology None enhancement titus 02/01/06
#86 Investigate embedded Firebird DB as an alternative back-end back_end None task grig 01/31/06
#48 make log viewer for user web_interface None task titus 01/03/06
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