General Requirements for MailOnnaStick


Minimal installation: require Python 2.3 pre-installed, and nothing else. Download file that unpacks into something you can double-click. (How does this work on Windows with Python?)

In particular, this means we need to include CherryPy and Durus, as well as any other dependencies.

Release 1 Notes

  • Users need to install CherryPy, Durus, twill and nose manually
  • I had problems when running index-imap and index-pop, because my Python 2.4.2 distribution (compiled from source) did not have the SSL extensions; here's how I solved the problem:
    • I installed openssl-0.9.8a from the OpenSSL site
    • I recompiled and reinstalled Python 2.4.2 by first doing:
      ./configure --enable-ssl


Should be 100% configurable via Web interface.

All documentation included.

Single-user only: so, multiple tabs etc. should be allowed, but no logins/access restrictions (beyond basic auth?) required.

When first run, a configuration wizard should start up, asking about: db location (can we put it in the zip/egg?) and access restrictions.