Personal mail search & annotation engine.

Ideas & Inspiration

  • Titus wants it
  • rip off ideas from Zoe; fix problems mentioned in Zoe Review. (Other Zoe links.)
  • Splunk has a nice search interface that we can, umm, "use for inspiration".
  • see also archivemail
  • features: would be nice to be able to sftp mail files;
  • could also contribute to a general mail archive indexer/searcher/commenting system.
  • scan some mailboxes (incoming... spam...) more regularly than others; define filter keywords for notification?
  • rss feeds for searches & new e-mail?




Getting Started

  1. bin/index-mail socal-piggies.mbox
  2. bin/search-mail Diane
  3. bin/ -p 8080

then visit

Try searching for Diane.

Live pages

Results of nightly smoke tests

FitNesse Acceptance Test Suite

Development and Testing Methodology

Python Testing Tools Taxonomy

Development And Testing Methodology Ideas

Useful links to agile-related articles/blog posts

Running unit tests and getting coverage reporting

Running Acceptance Tests With TextTest

Epydoc code documentation including agile documentation, i.e. doctest-based unit tests as documentation

Prototype (12/06/05 - 12/15/05)

Iteration One (12/19/05 - 01/05/05)

Cutting a release

Increment version number in and mosweb?? mos??


svn copy  svn+ssh:// \
svn+ssh:// -m "tagging release 0.2 of mail-onna-stick"


python bdist_egg

Installing the Egg

easy_install -f MailOnnaStick

Then run