Cartwheel server command line utilities

There are a bunch of useful command-line utilites in the cartwheel-server/bin/ directory.

Queue management

execute-job -- a manual way to execute a particular job by ID.

kill-queue -- a silly little program to find & kill run-queue processes

queue-check -- a utility program to monitor the queue for unprocessed jobs or stagnant queues. Will e-mail notifications.

resubmit-incomplete-jobs -- a program to clean out & resubmit incomplete jobs

run-multiqueue -- an unmaintained way to have one batchqueue process monitor multiple Cartwheel queues.

run-queue -- the queue execution process; run this to actually have jobs execute.

Website management

extract-emails -- extract the e-mails of all active users.

add-lab -- adds a lab to the Web site.

add-user -- adds a user to the Web site.

move-folder-to-lab -- moves a folder from one lab to another.

Web servers

canal-scgi-server -- SCGI server for canal.

canal.fcgi -- FastCGI server for canal; see UsingFastCGI.

Development scripts